About Teloo

Teloo - the international communication service with the lowest prices.

Teloo aims to become the world's largest participant with an open infrastructure for connection.

Mobile communication with the lowest prices

We believe that the market is monopolized. The market must be open and free. Monopolized markets are an online community. Taxi with Uber related companies.

Teloo allows everyone to participate in building a cellular network. Each member is part of the Teloo network and is entitled to a reward by providing the use of their equipment. In the 5G era, a micro station will bring a better and more dense coverage.

Teloo does in the market for cellular communication services too. The market should be open for anyone to work on it.

The lowest prices
We believe that competition among distributors - owners of base stations for access to a client makes it possible to really achieve the lowest possible prices for customers. Cost up to 1000% cheaper than traditional operators. Thanks to this, much is achieved. Customers get low prices with communication standard, and distributors make money
Global operator
We believe only in globalization. In a single world without borders. The Teloo user can use the connection wherever there is coverage. You do not need to pay extra for roaming. We have the right to call ourselves a global mobile operator, but with this we fully comply with the domestic laws of the country in which we operate.
Quality standard
We have developed internal automated algorithms for communication quality and operation of base stations. Thus, the Teloo user can be sure that the Internet or voice traffic services meet the highest 3GPP requirements and customer needs.
The basis of our network are base station distributors. These are our partners who share investments in our project and jointly build our mobile network. Together we strive to make money by creating a quality bond for our customers.
Open network
Openness, it means that everyone in any country can connect to our network. Customers can connect to our network. Naturally subject to the working conditions of Teloo, KYC, etc.
Honest rewards
The ratio is about 50/50 (depending on the country and the device 5G / LTE or WiFi). Inside Teloo there is an internal monetary currency. Distributor.
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